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The employer shall assure that employees do not enter lunch room facilities or eating areas with protective work clothing or equipment unless surface lead dust has been removed by vacuuming, downdraft booth, or other cleaning method that limits dispersion of lead dust. (5) Hand washing facilities. (A) The employer shall provide adequate hand washing facilities for use by employees exposed to lead in accordance with Lead Paint Removal Procedures section 1527. 

(B) Where showers are not provided the employer shall assure that employees wash their hands and Lead Paint Removal Procedures face at the end of the work shift. (6) Regulated Area. (A) Employers shall establish regulated areas, where feasible, for work areas where employees are exposed to lead at or above the PEL or performing the tasks described in subsection (d)(2). 

(B) Regulated areas shall be posted with signs as described in subsection (m)(2). (C) Employers shallrestrict access to the regulated area to employees authorized by the supervisor, Lead Paint Removal Procedures to representatives of affected employees, as described in subsection (o) and to persons authorized by the Chief or NIOSH. 

(D) Each employee authorized to enterthe regulated area shall be provided with and be required to wear protective equipment required by subsections (f) and (g). (j) Medical surveillance. (1) General. (A) The employer shall make available initial medical surveillance to employees occupationally exposed on any day to lead at or Lead Paint Removal Procedures above the action level.

Initial medical surveillance consists of biological monitoring in the form of blood sampling and analysis forlead and Lead Paint Removal Procedures zinc protoporphyrin levels. (B) The employer shall institute a medical surveillance program in accordance with subsections (j)(2) and (j)(3) for all employees who are or may be exposed by the employer at or above the action level for more than 30 days in any consecutive 12 months; 

(C) The employer shall assure that all medical examinations and procedures are performed by Lead Paint Removal Procedures or underthe supervision of a licensed physician. (D) The employer shall make available the required medical surveillance including multiple physician review under subsection (j)(3)(C) without cost to employees and at a reasonable time and place. 

(2) Biological monitoring. (A) Blood lead and ZPP level sampling and analysis. The employer shall make available biological monitoring in the form of blood sampling and Lead Paint Removal Procedures analysis forlead and zinc protoporphyrin levels to each employee covered under subsections (j)(1)(A) and (B) on the following schedule: 

1. For each employee covered under subsection (j)(1)(B), atleast every 2 months forthe first 6 months and Lead Paint Removal Procedures every 6 months thereafter; 2. For each employee covered under subsections (j)(1) (A) or(B) whose last blood sampling and analysis indicated a blood lead level at or above 40 µg/dl, at least every two months. 

This frequency shall continue until two consecutive blood samples and analyses indicate a blood lead level below 40 µg/dl; and Lead Paint Removal Procedures 3. For each employee who is removed from exposure to lead due to an elevated blood lead level at least monthly during the removal period. (B) Follow-up blood sampling tests. 

Whenever the results of a blood lead level testindicate that an employee's blood lead level exceeds the numerical criterion for medical removal under subsection (k)(1)(A), Lead Paint Removal Procedures the employer shall provide a second (follow-up) blood sampling test within two weeks afterthe employer receives the results of the first blood sampling test. 

(C) Accuracy of blood lead level sampling and analysis. Blood lead level sampling and analysis provided pursuant to this section shall have an accuracy (to a confidence level of 95 percent) within plus or minus 15 percent or 6 µg/dl, Lead Paint Removal Procedures whichever is greater, and shall be conducted by a laboratory approved by OSHA. 

Employee notification. 1. Within five working days afterthe receipt of biological monitoring results, the employer shall notify each employee in writing of his or her blood lead level; Lead Paint Removal Procedures and 2. the employer shall notify each employee whose blood lead level exceeds 40 µg/dl that the standard requires temporary medical removal with Medical Removal Protection benefits when an employee's blood lead level exceeds the numerical criterion for medical removal under subsection (k)(1)(A). 

(3) Medical examinations and consultations. (A) Frequency. The employer shall make available medical examinations and Lead Paint Removal Procedures consultations to each employee covered under subsection (j)(1)(B) on the following schedule: 1. At least annually for each employee for whom a blood sampling test conducted at any time during the preceding 12 months indicated a blood lead level at or above 40 µg/dl; 

2. As soon as possible, upon notification by an employee eitherthat the employee has developed signs or symptoms commonly associated with lead intoxication, that the employee desires medical advice concerning the effects of current or Lead Paint Removal Procedures past exposure to lead on the employee's ability to procreate a healthy child, that the employee is pregnant, orthat the employee has demonstrated difficulty in breathing during a respiratorfitting test or during use; and 

3. As medically appropriate for each employee eitherremoved from exposure to lead due to a risk of sustaining material impairment to health, or otherwise limited pursuant to a final medical determination. (B) Content. The content of medical examinations made available pursuant to subsections (j)(3)(A)2.- 3. shall be determined by an examining physician and, ifrequested by an employee, shall include pregnancy testing or Lead Paint Removal Procedures laboratory evaluation of male fertility. 

Medical examinations made available pursuant to subsection (j)(3)(A)1. of this section shall include the following elements: 1. A detailed work history and a medical history, with particular attention to past lead exposure (occupational and nonoccupational), personal habits (smoking, hygiene), and Lead Paint Removal Procedures past gastrointestinal, hematological,renal, cardiovascular, reproductive and neurological problems; 

2. A thorough physical examination, with particular attention to teeth, gums, hematological, gastrointestinal,renal, cardiovascular, and Lead Paint Removal Procedures neurological systems. Pulmonary status should be evaluated if respiratory protection will be used; 3. A blood pressure measurement; 4. A blood sample and analysis which determines: 

a. Blood lead level; b. Hemoglobin and hematocrit determinations,red cell indices, and examination of peripheral smear morphology; c. Zinc protoporphyrin; d. Blood urea nitrogen; and, e. Serum creatinine; 5. A routine urinalysis with microscopic examination; Lead Paint Removal Procedures and 6. Any laboratory or othertestrelevant to lead exposure which the examining physician deems necessary by sound medical practice. (C) Multiple physician review mechanism.

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