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Do not let your child chew on painted surfaces or eat paint chips. Some old paint has lead in it. When paint gets old, it breaks down into dust. This dust spreads all around your home. Wash your child's hands and toys often. Always wash hands before eating and sleeping. Lead dust and dirt can stick to hands and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint toys that children put in their mouths. 

Feed your child healthy meals and snacks every day. Make sure to give your child vegetables, and foods with lots of: calcium (milk, yogurt, cheese, soy milk, spinach, calcium-enriched orange juice, low-fat custard, and corn tortillas) iron (beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, cooked dried beans, iron-fortified cereals, tofu, collards, kale, and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint mustard greens) vitamin C (oranges, tomatoes, limes, bell peppers, berries, papaya, jicama, and broccoli) 

Calcium, iron and vitamin C help keep lead from hurting your child. Avoid giving your child sweets. Some candies from Mexico, China, and other places outside the US have lead in them. Fresh fruits and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products are healthier choices for your child. Talk to your child's doctor about testing for lead.  

The only way to know if your child has lead in his or her body is for your child to get a blood test for lead. Most children get tested at 1 and 2 years old. Some children over 2 also need to get tested. Inside and Outside Your Home Keep your home clean and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint dust-free. Wet mop floors, wet wipe windowsills, vacuum, and wash all surfaces often. 

Use household cleaner and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint rinse with clean water. This keeps lead in dust and dirt from spreading in the house. Keep furniture away from paint that is chipped or peeling. Move cribs, playpens, beds and high chairs away from damaged paint. This helps keep lead in paint chips and dust away from your child. 

Never sand, dry scrape, power wash or sandblast paint unless it has been tested and does not have lead in it. Lead dust from paint can spread and poison your family, pets, and neighbors. There may also be lead in the dirt around your home from the past use of lead in gasoline and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint in factories. Cover bare dirt outside where your child plays. 

Use grass or other plants, bark, gravel, or Protect Your Child From Lead Paint concrete. This keeps lead in the dirt away from your child. Take off shoes or wipe them on a doormat before going inside. This keeps lead in dirt outside. Change out of work clothes and shoes, and wash up or shower before getting in a car or going home if you work with lead. 

Lead is in many workplaces: painting and remodeling sites radiator repair shops places that make or recycle batteries Ask your employer to tell you if you work with lead. Children can be poisoned from lead dust brought home on skin, hair, clothes, and shoes, and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint in the car. Things you Buy and Use 

Do not use dishes or pots made outside the U.S. for food or drinks unless they have been tested and do not have lead in them. Do not use imported products that may have lead in them, Protect Your Child From Lead Paint like: natural remedies — bright orange, yellow, or white powders for stomach ache or other illnesses make-up — Kohl, Khali, Surma, or Sindoor food or spices, like chapulines or turmeric 

These items have lead in them — keep them away from your child: fi shing sinkers bullets supplies for making stained glass More Protect Your Child From Lead Paint Information Call your local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program to find out about testing your paint, pots, or dishes, or for other questions about childhood lead poisoning. 

For information online, go to www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/clppb Lead can be found in many places inside and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint outside your home. Lead can hurt your child. Lead can harm a child's brain. Lead poisoning can make it hard for children to learn, pay attention and behave. Most children who have lead poisoning do not look or act sick. 

Take these steps to keep your family safe from lead. Wash your child's hands and toys often. and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint toys that children put in their mouths. Take off shoes or wipe them on a doormat Change out of work clothes and shoes, and wash up or shower Keep your home clean and dust-free. Wet mop fl oors, wet wipe windowsills, vacuum, and wash all surfaces often. 

Use household cleaner spreading in the house. Keep furniture away from paint that is Wet mop floors, wet wipe windowsills, vacuum, and (beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, cooked dried beans, peppers, berries, papaya, C H I L D H O O D LEAD POISONING PREVENTION BRANCH made outside the U.S. poison your family, pets, and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint have lead in them, like: bright orange, yellow, Things you Buy and Use 

Do not use dishes or pots Do not let your child put jewelry or toys in his or her mouth. Some jewelry and toys have lead in them. There is no way to tell if there is lead in jewelry and Protect Your Child From Lead Paint toys. Even items marked "Lead Free" can have lead in them. measures should be enforced by bridge or building owners and general contractors to prevent over exposures during hot work: 

Strip lead paint a minimum of 4 inches on both sides of the cut or weld line Improve quality control to ensure that all areas, including difŽ cult-to-reach corners, Protect Your Child From Lead Paint meet specifications for stripping before allowing hot work to begin. Require iron workers performing hot work to wear air-sup- plied respirators in positive- pressure mode. 

Downgrade respiratory protection if: (a) visual inspection (or XRF measurements) indicate that the amount and quality of paint stripping is consistent, Protect Your Child From Lead Paint and (b) representative air sampling results indicate that less respiratory protection is sufficient. Ensure that all lead-exposed trades understand and follow the requirements of the Lead in Construction Standard. 

Ensure that iron workers receive regular and frequent blood lead testing. Research Needs This survey indicates that iron workers performing hot cutting on bridges or Protect Your Child From Lead Paint other steel structures may encounter very high lead exposure levels due to inadequate paint stripping. 

Further research is needed to determine how frequently these over exposures occur, Protect Your Child From Lead Paint whether the four-inch-minimum stripping requirement is adequate to ensure airborne lead levels below the PEL, and what types of multi-employer policies will prevent such exposures.

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