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The Community Folk Art Center, 805 E. Genesee St., will remain closed this week as officials continue to clean up. Water leaked through the ceiling and the sewer backed up, said Kevin Leonardi, its marketing specialist. Staff members quickly moved art and equipment to safety, but repairs were needed to plaster work and tiles, and the office rug needed to be cleaned Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold and sanitized, he said. 

Officials are rescheduling the 39th Teenage Competitive Art Exhibition that was scheduled for Saturday. Some other Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold activities have also been rescheduled. Richard Blansett, from the Central New York Chapter of the American Red Cross, said that his organization has been preparing to open shelters in Baldwinsville and Cicero for flood victims. 

"We're prepared to open shelters. We have people on standby," he said. Record rain Syracuse is coming off a record month of precipitation. Hancock Airport was drenched by 8.53 inches last month, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold making it Syracuse's wettest April ever. The record included 13 straight days, April 16-28, in which more than 0.01 inches of rain fell. 

That's the second-longest such streak on local record, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold bested only by the 14 days between Oct. 24 and Nov. 6, 1931. Unlike those streaks, the latest span of 19 wet days includes two when a trace-or less than 0.01 inches of rain fell. Carpets How can carpeting impact health? Carpets may trap pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, lead, mold spores, pesticides, dirt and dust. 

Toxic gases in the air can adhere to small particles that settle into carpets.1 These pollutants may become airborne when disturbed by renovations, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold vacuuming or even daily activities like walking across the carpet. In the home, children are more likely to be exposed to pollution in carpets. They spend time playing on the floor and place their hands in their mouths. 

If a large area is covered in carpet, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold it may be very difficult to remove indoor air pollutants and allergens. 2 Chemicals used in some new carpets, carpet pads and the adhesives used to install them can harm your health. Some of these chemicals and glues are made with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit odors and pollutants.

3 New carpet installation also has been associated with wheezing Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold and coughing in babies in their first year of life. 3 How can indoor air contamination from carpets be avoided? Instead of carpets, chose hard-surfaced flooring and rugs that can be removed and cleaned outside. If this is not possible, vacuum at least three times a week with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

2 However, vacuuming may disturb settled particles, causing more pollution to become airborne. Kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways should always be carpet free because they are frequently damp, providing a good environment for mold. As with any building product, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold if purchasing new carpet, choose a carpet that releases fewer VOC emissions. 

Request that the carpet be unrolled Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold and aired out in a well-ventilated area (a clean, dry warehouse, for example) for 72 hours before installation. If possible, have carpet installed while the space is unoccupied. Then allow 72 hours of ventilation before inhabiting the space. Make sure the carpet can be removed later without use of toxic chemicals.

1. Accessed November 14, 2010. How To Know If There Is A Problem Concerned that the air in your home or Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold workplace may be harming your health or someone else's? Do a little digging to find the likely culprit. 

Walk through the building Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold and ask a few questions to discover if the indoor air is causing a problem. Then click on links to learn more about potential sources of indoor air pollution. In your home Do health symptoms improve when you leave the building? Do they return when you come back into the building? 

If so, you may have an indoor air pollution problem Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold and should explore the following potential sources. Is anyone smoking indoors? No one should smoke indoors. Can you see or smell mold or mildew? Is the humidity regularly above 50 percent? Are there leaks or standing water anywhere kitchen, basement, attic? 

 Are all fuel-burning appliances (gas stoves, water heaters, fireplaces) fully vented to the outdoors? Is there an attached garage Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold or basement where cars, lawnmowers or motorcycles are stored? Are household chemicals, paints or solvents stored indoors or in an attached garage or basement? Have you recently remodeled or added new furniture, carpeting or painted? 

Do you use odor-masking chemicals Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold or "air-freshening" devices? Has kitchen or food garbage been covered and removed? Have you used pesticides recently? Have you tested your home for radon? Although radon doesn't cause noticeable, physical symptoms, you should test your home for this dangerous substance. 

In your workplace Do health symptoms improve when you leave the building? Do they return when you come back into the building? If so, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold you may have an indoor air pollution problem and should explore the following potential sources. Are there machines indoors that could be emitting odors, particles or chemicals, including copiers or printers? 

Are there chemicals used in the work that emit odors, particles or gases? Are the emissions properly controlled and/or exhausted to the outside? Have you recently remodeled or added new furniture, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold carpeting or painted? Has anyone brought in materials or products that give off odors, gases or particles, such as sprays, perfumes or fragrances? 

Has food been stored in the kitchen or other areas of the workplace? Has kitchen or food garbage been removed? Are there outside sources of odors or chemicals coming indoors, Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold such as vehicle exhaust, roofing materials or dust from construction? Are heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems working properly and well-maintained? 

Are they sized properly for the space? Are vents or grilles blocked? Is anyone smoking indoors? No one should smoke indoors. Can you see Sewer Backup Caused Black Mold or smell mold or mildew? Is the humidity regularly above 50 percent? Are there leaks or standing water anywhere?

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