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They may start out small, getting into a small crack in the pipe; but as the tree or shrub continues to grow, so does the root. After time, this causes your sewer line to break, which in turn allows debris to hang up in the line, thus causing a backup. One way to prevent roots from entering your line is to replace your line and How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement tap with new plastic (PVC) pipe. 

The other alternative is to be careful about planting greenery around your sewer line. If you have continuing problems with tree roots in your lateral, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement you may have to have them cut periodically. Sewer Odor: Another concern that property owners have is that they can smell sewer odors inside their house or building. There are many ways to prevent this from occurring. 

Under each sink or drain in your plumbing system is a "P-Trap". If there is water in this trap, odors or gasses from the sewer cannot enter through the drain from either the property owner's lateral or the City main. Periodically check to make sure that unused floor drains, sinks, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement etc. have water in the "P Trap". 

Another way to prevent sewer odor is to ensure that the vents, which are located on your roof, are free from bird’s nests, leaves, etc. When these vents are clear, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement the sewer odors will escape through these vents. Illegal Plumbing Connections: Do not connect French drains, sump pumps and other flood control systems to your sanitary sewer. 

It is illegal, and debris and silt will clog your line. Consult a plumber to correct any illegal connections.Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the City's responsibility regarding private sewer laterals? A: The property owner is fully responsible for maintaining adequate sewage flow to and How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement through the sewer lateral, from the property structure to and into the City's sewer main. 

When failure or stoppage of a sewer lateral occurs, the City crews will respond only to check the sewer main to verify that the main is open and sewage is flowing. If the sewer main is found to be clear, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement it is the responsibility of the property owner to call a licensed plumber or drain cleaning service to correct the problem. 

Verbal assistance and answers to questions can be received by calling the Department of Public Works, Operations Department at 303-335-4750 or after normal businesses hours at 303-489-2301. Q: If I notice a foreign substance flowing into a storm drain inlet, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement whom should I call? A: If you notice a foreign substance flowing into a storm drain inlet, please call the Operations Department at 303-335-4750 to report the location.

Q: What if my sewer backs up?A: If you experience a sewer backup, call us at 303-335-4750 or 303-441-4444 after 3:30 p.m.and on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. The City will dispatch a maintenance crew to your address to determine if the stoppage is in the City main or your sewer lateral. 
If the City main is found to be clear, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement it is the responsibility of the property owner to call a plumber or sewer/drain cleaning service to correct the problem. 

The property owner is responsible for maintaining adequate flow to and How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement through the sewer lateral from the property structure to and into the City sewer main. If the blockage is in the City main, we will fix it as quickly as possible and keep you informed about what is being done. Q: What about mess? A: A sewer backup can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house, and electrical malfunctions. 

Prompt cleanup of affected property can help minimize the inconvenience How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement and damage.You should immediately arrange for the cleanup of your property: Take before-and-after photos of the affected areas Turn off electrical power to the affected area Itemize any property losses Wet-vacuum or remove spillage 

Mop the floors and wipe walls with soap and disinfectant Flush out and disinfect plumbing fixtures Steam clean or How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement remove carpet and drapes . Repair or remove wallboard or wall covering Clean up appliances or ductwork CITY OF LOUISVILLE’S RESPONSE CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS: PHONE NUMBERS DAYS AND HOURS.

Public Works Department Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm 303-489-2301 Operations Department After normal How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement business hours 303-666-6531 Police Department All other hours 303-441-4444 Boulder County Dispatch 24 hour emergency response For additional information on sewage backups please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health.

All electric motors that have gotten wet should be disconnected and thoroughly cleaned to get rid of dirt and grit. After cleaning, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement the motors should be re-oiled and allowed to dry for two weeks. You can shorten the drying time by using a fan or hair dryer.Washers should be sanitized by pouring a disinfectant such as chlorine, pine oil, or phenolic into the empty washing machine, and then complete a 15 minute cycle at the hot setting. 

The dryer can be cleaned by wiping the drum with a cloth dipped in a disinfectant solution, rinse with cloth dipped in clear water. Leave washer and dryer doors open, preferably overnight, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement until all parts are dry. Clothing, sheets, etc., should be hosed or rinsed with cool water to get as much mud out as possible. 

Then wash with as much detergent as possible. Bleach or other disinfectant should be used to kill bacteria. After drying, rugs and carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and then shampooed. Gasoline engines need to be thoroughly inspected and How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement cleaned. All electrical parts must be dry. Grit or silt must be removed from the oil, transmission, or gas lines. 

Problems which cause sanitary sewers to occasionally back up are many and they are often interrelated. Many residents of the City may be worried and inconvenienced by the occurrence of a sewer backup in their basement or crawl space. It is our hope that if you have such a problem, How To Remove The Sewage Smell From A Basement you have found some suggestions in this report which may be of help. 

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