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The progressive loss of Iowa's woodlands and farmlands to development is increasing the chance for conflicts between humans and wildlife. Social trends, such as increased urbanization, increased populations of certain wildlife species, and finite government resources have combined to provide the opportunity for more Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins involvement from the private sector in the prevention and control of wildlife damage and nuisance situations.

As development occurs: Less land is available to wildlife. Natural habitat, like older woodlots with hollow trees, may not be readily available for wild animals. The lack of Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins traditional den sites may cause wild animals to use chimneys and attics as alternate shelter or den site (This is common for species such as squirrels and raccoons.)

Animals displaced from their habitat by new home or business construction may reestablish themselves in new Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins surroundings. Reclusive species lose habitat, while opportunistic species, such as raccoons, build populations to unnaturally high densities. Many people move from the city out into the country or newly developed area, often bringing with them an unfamiliarity with wild animals and their habits.

These consequences of development have combined to make the Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins problem of wildlife damage and nuisance control a major concern of wildlife management and law enforcement personnel. Wildlife Damage and Wildlife "Nuisance" The term "damage" is easily understood, however, "nuisance" means different things to different people.

For some, the mere presence of a raccoon in a tree in the woods near their house constitutes an intolerable Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins situation. For others, catching a glimpse of the same animal would be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Obviously, education can play an important role in nuisance recognition and resolution.

A wild animal that poses no real threat to the safety of the public, livestock, crops or property should not be viewed as a nuisance simply because it exists. A Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins public that is knowledgeable about the habits and life history of wild animals is better equipped to recognize and solve wildlife damage and nuisance situations.

The role of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to ensure the well-being of the state's wildlife populations while also assuring that Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Insindividual wild animals are not posing a threat to human safety or creating unreasonable property, crop or livestock damage. As long as humans coexists with wild animals, conflicts (some real, and some unfounded) will arise.

The DNR attempts to resolve these conflicts through direct action, education, and technical assistance in cooperation with private businesses, the federal government, and other agencies. Care must be taken to ensure that Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins damage and nuisance control measures are necessary and warranted. Wild animals exhibit a number of predatory and competitive behaviors that can be misinterpreted as cruel, aggressive, or detrimental by the public.

These behaviors are natural, necessary for species survival, and should not necessarily be viewed as harmful. All wild animals, except those owned by specially licensed shooting Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins preserves and licensed game breeders, are public property, and are therefore subject to controls and regulations by the State. Many nuisance situations are the result of high populations of a particular species.

An annual, regulated harvest during the hunting and trapping seasons is the preferred and most practical method of reducing Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins populations to alleviate animal-caused damage. A sustained annual harvest of raccoon, beaver, muskrat and other species provides recreation and income for hunters and fur-harvesters and is the most important single factor in decreasing the potential for wildlife damage and conflict to occur.

However, regular season hunting and trapping alone may not represent adequate solutions under the following Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins circumstances: If damage is extensive and occurs well outside the normal hunting and trapping seasons. If damage is the result of an individual animal rather than the overabundance of an entire population.

If problems are being caused by species that are normally not harvested during the hunting and trapping seasons, generally due to lack of harvest efforts by Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins sportspersons, such as squirrels and skunks. If problems are occurring in highly urbanized areas where hunting and/or trapping are not practical or permitted.

In such situations where regular season harvests are not successful or practical in controlling animal damage, a more structured approach to the problem is required. Under the authority of the Iowa Code Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins the Department of Natural Resources administers a permit system for licensing individuals who meet established criteria who desire to establish a business to address the issues of nuisance animal control.

This system allows nuisance wild animals and wild animals causing damage to property to be taken during times of the year and by methods not normally allowed under the regular hunting and trapping regulations. This Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins process helps both the person who believes they have a legitimate nuisance animal problem, and the Department of Natural Resources, in that this system permits specially licensed individuals to address the nuisance animal problem, which in turn allows state conservation officers and biologists to commit more time to more important aspects of their respective jobs.

Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 571-114 outlines the requirements of the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Program. Additional requirements are found in the ―Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Guidebook‖. This Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Inschapter is intended to implement Iowa Code section 456A.24(8) by providing permitting of nuisance wildlife control operators for the purpose of protecting private property from nuisance wildlife.

No provision of this chapter shall restrict a landowner from lawfully removing nuisance wildlife pursuant to Iowa Code section Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins Definitions. "Annual activity report” means an annual report submitted on a form provided by the department. "Biologist” means a natural resource biologist employed by the wildlife bureau of the department of natural resources.

"Guidebook” means the nuisance wildlife control operator’s manual provided by the department. "Helper” means a person who Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins possesses a fur harvester license, has paid the habitat fee, and is listed, by name, on the permit as authorized to perform nuisance wildlife control operator duties under the direction of the permittee.

"Nuisance wildlife” means wild, native animals or birds under the jurisdiction of the department of natural resources that are causing damage to private property, creating a nuisance, or presenting a Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins health hazard. "Nuisance wildlife control operator” or "NWCO” means a person who operates as a business and charges a fee to remove nuisance wildlife from private property.

Permit” means an annual permit issued by the department under the authority of Iowa Code section 455A.5(6)"e” for the purpose of capturing and removing nuisance wildlife from private property. The Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins permit shall expire January 10 of each year and is not transferable. "Permittee” means an NWCO who possesses a valid nuisance wildlife control operator’s permit issued by the department and also possesses a valid Iowa fur harvester license and has paid the habitat fee.

Special Canada goose control permit” or "SCGCP” means a permit to engage in the Canada goose population control activities specified by the department of natural resources. "Technician” means a natural resource technician Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins employed by the wildlife bureau of the department of natural resources. "Translocate” means to transport and release an animal at a site other than the site at which it was captured.

Nuisance wildlife control operator’s permit. An NWCO permit may be issued to an NWCO who, upon application and following Is Damage By A Squirrel Covered By Homeowner's Ins review and testing, complies with all requirements established within this chapter.

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